The Delanys –– Red Hot Romance

The Delanys

Five remarkable siblings overcoming life-shattering tragedy

Cassidy, Brianna, Kellee, Norah, & Niall

Can giving into their passionate desire with determined sexy Billionaires heal them with love?

 Why Hate the Billionaire? - High ResolutionWhy Hate the Billionaire? Only 99¢ on Amazon!

One weekend. She says it’s over. He says it’s not. Who wins?

Cassidy Delany is resigned to a life of responsibility, hard work, and sacrifice as she struggles to support her family of orphans. She never indulges her passions so that her younger siblings can have the freedom to follow all of theirs. That is, until she encounters Daniel, a sublimely gorgeous –– and arrogant –– billionaire. Overwhelming mutual lust leads her to agree to a one-night stand that morphs into a fantasy weekend full of mind-blowing sex. When he seems to think of her as just a sex object, she runs out hoping to never see him again. But then Daniel comes calling intent on claiming her for his own and Cassidy knows that a relationship with the self-centered billionaire, combined with their brand of unquenchable passion and the very disturbing feelings he evokes, could very likely destroy everything she’s fought so hard to achieve.

Daniel Sheffield, MD, is a typical spoiled, Beacon Hill Adonis from a Boston Brahmin family with trillions of dollars, and always gets whatever –– and whoever –– he wants. But the delectable and brilliant Cassidy Delany is something he’s never encountered before: a woman who sees something worth wanting beyond his money, power, and sex appeal. One taste and what he thought was just an insatiable desire for her body becomes a need for much more. But he’s shocked to discover that getting the girl can destroy what he values most –– control.

The Delanys is a series of Romantic Erotica and therefore unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Coming Out in Winter 2016

Why Trust the Billionaire- Book 2










Coming out in Spring, 2016

Why Love the Billionaire- Book 3



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